Doggy Dan Review: Best Online Dog Training Service

In our Doggy Dan review, we are going to take a look at what goes into making a top-notch dog training service.

Today, we are going over one of the best ways to train your dog from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Before we get to the review, let’s quickly go over dog training.

Dog Training 101

Ensuring that your dog is trained correctly is one of the most important things that you can do as the owner of a canine. A well-trained dog is not only a pet which will serve you much more reliably and capably, but it is also one which is less likely to end up misbehaving.

Training Dog Online
Depending on the breed of your dog, misbehavior can be defined in a few different ways. When some dogs misbehave, all you’ll have to deal with is a mess on the floor. If you have a breed of dog which can be a little more vicious, misbehavior can become something which is a little more dangerous.

If you have a large dog and you would like to avoid any potential accidents, or if you have a small dog and you would simply like to have a better experience as an owner, training is the best choice.

You will find few other methods which will ensure that you raise a good dog as easily as a proper training routine.

You may be wondering about the best way to train your dog, however. You have a few different options available when it comes time to train your canine companion, and each of them has their own set of pros and cons.

For example, professional training will work best, but it will also be the most expensive and time-consuming method.

If your schedule is too packed for it or if you simply don’t consider professional dog training to be worth the money, you have some other choices.

You can opt for a book to teach you how to train your dog, but most of the books on the subject have been superseded by a superior training option. Which leads us to online dog training.

Doggy Dan Review

Books on training your pet are no longer as popular as they once were thanks to the rapid growth of online dog training programs. Why go out and buy a book when you could pay a subscription for access to books, videos, expert advice, and so much more on the subject of training your dog?

Let’s move on to some of the reasons why you need to be careful when you are selecting your ideal dog training service.

Why You Should Choose Your Online Dog Training Service Carefully

You may be wondering why it is quite so important to ensure that you get the best online dog training course. Online dog training certification is a tough process, but a certified dog trainer is not automatically one which is worth your money.

There are plenty of certified trainers that provide a sub-par service.

Quality Online Dog Training Service

The quality of online dog obedience training can vary drastically from service to service so you may wish to take a moment and examine the options which are available.

The features offered by a particular dog training service can always give you a reasonable idea of their service, but that is often insufficient.

Online dog training can get surprisingly expensive. You will want to ensure that you are getting the best possible training while simultaneously making sure that you are not overspending.

Why Dog Training?

The best way to avoid spending too much money on dog training is by finding the service with the best ratio of price to effectiveness.

There are reasons for finding the best online dog training service aside from getting the most out of your money. One of the most important reasons for ensuring that your dog’s training service is of the highest quality is that your pet’s training will affect it for the rest of its life.

If you want to make sure that your pet correctly behaves over the course of its life, it is essential to get it trained properly the first time.

While it is possible to retrain a dog, it will be significantly more challenging to do so if it has been poorly trained already. Do your dog a favor and train it well.

Dog Training 101
Much of the time, pet owners make the mistake of thinking that there is a problem with their dog when there is merely an issue with its training. It can be difficult to distinguish where the dog’s personality ends and where its training begins, as such, your pet’s training will have such a massive impact on them.

Having a dog which is adequately trained means that you have a lifelong companion who will be willing to accompany you through anything.

It is difficult to describe the difference between a dog that has reached its max potential through excellent training and one which has just a little further to go.

The best-trained dogs will often become more than pets through their training; they will become full members of the family. If you are looking for more than just another dog, it is more than just a matter of searching for an exceptional breed; you will also want the ideal program for training.

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Online Dog Trainer

There are several things you should consider before choosing a dog trainer online.


One of the best ways to tell whether you are choosing one of the best online dog obedience training programs is by going over customer testimonials.

There are few other ways to know whether or not you will end up getting what you want out of a particular dog trainer.

Customer testimonials allow you to see exactly how a company teaches you to train your dog and the materials that you will have at your disposal.

While going over the list of features and promises on a trainer’s website gives you an idea of the course, there are few things more effective than reviews.

Along with reviews from paying customers, you can also trust reviews from more official publications, such as the one you are reading at the moment.

Unfortunately, dog training is a service that is difficult to define. It can be tough to get an idea of how effective a dog trainer is unless you have someone tell you.

While there are other methods of gauging the effectiveness of a certain dog training program, none of them can match the simplicity and helpfulness of a review. There are, however, some things that you will want to consider before choosing the best program for your dog.

Of course, testimonials will teach you both good things and bad things about the service which you are considering. The key is to sift through the information and find what is pertinent.

Just because a reviewer finds something a downside, that doesn’t automatically mean that particular aspect is bad for everyone else. Nothing in life is absolutely perfect.

Before you can use a review to determine whether or not a service would be ideal for you, you will need to know what you are looking for in that particular service. Since everyone is different, you and I may not have the same preferences when it comes to training our dogs.

Training Materials

When you are looking for the ideal online dog training program, you will want to find the one with the largest selection of available training materials.

One of the best ways to tell whether an online dog training service is worth the money that you are paying is by examining their available materials at your disposal such as their videos, ebooks and PDFs.

More training materials mean that you will have access to more knowledge on how to train your dog in the most efficient way possible.

Additional training materials are not only made available so you can understand how to train a dog but so you can understand the underlying reasons when it comes to dog training.

If you don’t have a grasp of the science and the psychology which goes into training your dog, you will find it difficult to make the training process go smoothly. Academic journals, books, and other publications in the field will allow you to study the subject as deeply as you please until you understand it.

Training For Everyone

Of course, different people learn in various ways. Some will find it easier to use instructional videos to determine how to teach their dogs while others will want every available material.

Having access to a larger repertoire of materials means that you will have more freedom when it comes to learning how to train your dog.

These materials are not only restricted to media which is meant to be read. Online dog training videos will also count as a type of a training material.

Most services will grant you access to a wide range of different media so you can find your ideal dog training method.

Training Approach

The approach used by your chosen online dog training program will significantly affect the process used to teach your dog.

For example, some programs will use a more compassionate approach, one which focuses on encouraging and motivating your dog to do better through the use of rewards.

You will find that more positive training programs can end up contributing to a happier dog, though the training may end up taking longer.

If you are training a house dog, you will want to stick to training programs which will keep them happy and positive to ensure that they don’t get vicious.

There are other ways to train your dog which make use of a decidedly less sensitive method. If you are training a guard dog and you would like to ensure that your family or your property is protected, you will want to make use of a stricter approach which is less accommodating of mistakes.

The type of training which your dog has to undergo will end up having a lasting effect on its psychology and the way that it perceives the world. It is integral to consider the training options at your disposal and to choose carefully.

Our Recommendation

Best Online Dog Trainer – Doggy Dan

If you want the best way to train your dog online, you should take a look at Doggy Dan (more specifically, Doggy Dan is the Online Dog Trainer). There are few online programs which are capable of matching Doggy Dan, especially if you want to ensure that your dog learns quickly.

A Versatile Course

As with most other online dog training courses, Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer is far more flexible than traditional dog classes.

If you have a full schedule or you have another reason for being unable to attend dog training classes, you will find that Doggy Dan is ideally suited for you.

You can take part in Doggy Dan’s classes nearly anywhere thanks to the course’s compatibility with a smartphone app. Whenever you have a moment of free time, you can either move ahead to the next lesson or recap the previous one to ensure that you are teaching your dog correctly.

Sometimes it can be tough to grasp specific lessons when you are teaching your dog; you will want to ensure that you can follow along as smoothly as possible.

Since you can take these lessons at your own pace, you don’t have to worry about being left behind and you can go back for another look..

Doggy Dan’s online courses are perfect for owners who have already started teaching their dogs some of the basics since you can pick up right where you left off.

Unlike other online dog training programs, nothing is stopping you from progressing further forward on the lesson list.

Since different customers will be able to train their dogs at different rates, it makes sense that you can choose whichever lesson whenever you please.

We have long been critical of programs that force you to move along at their own pace so you can keep paying your subscription as long as possible, thankfully, that is not the case here.

A Reasonable Price Model

While some may find that subscription-based pricing is not suitable for them, you will see that it is the ideal choice for online dog training services.

While a one-time fee would be more attractive for some customers, it would not be compatible with the business model used by most online dog trainers.

The subscription pay model for companies like Doggy Dan works so well because they update their website regularly. It would not be profitable to keep releasing new training guides and new information without the use of a subscription system, so it is a necessary cost.

While it may be subscription-based, you will find that Doggy Dan has pricing which is competitive with most other online dog trainers, especially when you account for what you get.

The value of money that you get when you opt for Doggy Dan is nearly unmatched by any other company.

You can also cancel your subscription at any time which means that you only have to pay for as long as it takes you to train your dog. The easier your training process, the less money that you will pay.

Since you will end up spending less money on your dog’s training when it goes more smoothly, you will be encouraged to work harder.

A More Humane Approach

Doggy Dan uses one of the most humane training methods that we have come across, which is also more convenient for you.

Using Doggy Dan’s techniques, you will never have to touch a shock collar or even a clicker. All you need to use to teach your dog is your voice.

Verbal commands will be instantly accessible, which means that you will be able to command your dog wherever you are without having to worry about remembering your clicker.

Since you won’t need to bring anything with you to train your dog, you can begin an impromptu training session anywhere.

Of course, there is also the advantage of comfort for your pet. Since you won’t be using a clicker or a shock collar, you won’t have to worry about your furry friend getting agitated by the training process. A dog that enjoys its training is a dog that is more willing to learn in the first place.

While it is often perceived as more challenging to train a dog without the use of additional implements, it also becomes a much more rewarding process.

You feel like you have accomplished something at the end of a long day of dog training using verbal commands, instead of feeling like you have coerced your dog.

Doggy Dan has repeated on several occasions that he treats his dogs as if they are his children, and that is integral to being a good owner. If you want to teach your dogs in the most efficient way possible, you need to demonstrate your affection for them.

A Wide Range Of Topics

This is the part of our Doggy Dan review in which we will go over the main learning materials.

The training is accomplished through a selection of videos on the Doggy Dan affiliate website, which means that you will be able to learn the techniques with efficiency and convenience.

There are few better ways to learn a complicated subject like dog training than through the use of a medium like a video.

Video allows you to see exactly what you need to do to get your dog to work with you, unlike a schematic or a diagram which will simply make things more complicated for those who are confused.

Aside from the fact that videos are one of the most convenient ways to learn how to train your dog, you will find that the videos themselves are on a vast array of topics.

Videos And More Videos

There are over 200 videos on the Doggy Dan site, and each of them can teach you how to train your dog in a particular action.

With such a vast quantity of videos, you may be wondering about the quality, and we can assure you that each video on the Doggy Dan site can teach you something useful.

Of course, it is very likely that you will not end up watching every one of the videos, and there is nothing wrong with that.

There are so many videos available on the website because there are so many different parts of dog training which need to be taught.

While you may not end up needing to use the video on excessive licking, it may end up being used for another dog owner who is currently experiencing issues.

A Well-Rounded Program

We are huge fans of the Doggy Dan program because of the combination of factors that go into making it one of the best ways to train your dog, online or otherwise.

Out of every dog training approach that we have seen from online trainers, you will find few better than Doggy Dan’s compassionate methodology.

From the convenience of being able to teach your dog from the comfort of your home all the way to the effectiveness of the lessons themselves, Doggy Dan can help turn a bad dog into a good one.

The number of materials you have access to will ensure that you can deal with any behavior issue any time of the day or night, anywhere.

The price of Doggy Dan’s services is much less than you would expect from a comparable service, so you get your money’s worth when you sign up. The key to Doggy Dan’s success is that they provide versatility in their dog training courses.



When you sign up for Doggy Dan’s dog training services, you are signing up for access to one of the largest dog training info repositories in the world. Feel free to let us know what you thought of our Doggy Dan review in the comments section down below.